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Flann's waveguide attenuator range offers the highest performance available in a variety of formats.
Our comprehensive range of waveguide Attenuators includes models suitable for many applications. All feature low VSWR, high-reliability.

Motorised Programmable System Attenuator - Series 624
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Flann's 624 series of motorised system attenuators feature the same rotary vane design as the industry standard Series 110 and 620, but in a very cost effective self contained package.

Precision Rotary Vane - Series 110 - Read More>>

Flann Rotary Vane Attenuators are generally recognised as the Industry Standard offering very high accuracy, exceptionally low attenuation variation with frequency and negligible phase variation with change of attenuation level. Full waveguide band operation. 0 to 60dB attenuation range.

Rotary Vane Attenuator

Attenuator - Field Usable Rotary Vane - Series 113 - Read More>>

High-performance, splash-proof, rotary vane units suitable for operation in a field test environment. Available with optional ruggedised transportation case. Full waveguide band operation 0 to 50 dB(optionally 60dB) attenuation range.

Field Usable Rotary Vane Attenuator

Attenuator - Precision Calibrated - Series 020 - Read More>>

Micrometer driven Attenuators calibrated over the attenuation range from
0 to 30 dB.

Precision Calibrated Attenuator

Attenuator - Variable- Series 080 - Read More>>

Units offering 0 to 20 dB attenuation range suitable for applications where calibration is not required, such as level setting and padding.

Attenuator - Variable

Attenuator - Precision Fixed- Series 580 - Read More>>

Very high-stability fixed Attenuators suitable for use in transfer standard and verification standard applications.

Precision Fixed Attemuator

Attenuator - Fixed- Series 081 / Special Fixed- Series 082
- Read More>>

081 Low VSWR fixed Attenuators operating over the full waveguide band. 082 Compact fixed Attenuators optimised for narrow band performance.

Attenuator - Fixed

Attenuator - Programmable- Series 620/621 - Read More>>

Stepper motor driven precision rotary vane Attenuators suitable for remote control applications. Models with controllers are available offering optional front panel and GPIB bus operation.

Attenuator - Programmable

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