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Waveguide Transition / Polarisers:

Flann's Waveguide Transitions and Polariser Series provide the means to connect waveguide of different configuration and adjust or set the relative polarisation.

Transitions, Tapered Rectangular Waveguide to Waveguide - Series 000:Tapered Waveguide Transition


Tapered Transitions provide a gradual dimensional change between two sizes of waveguide.  The larger components are accurately fabricated from laser cut plates; smaller tapers are precision electroformed 'in-house'.  In applications where waveguide frequency bands overlap, the Transitions exhibit low VSWR and low insertion loss. whilst maintaining high mode purity.

Transitions Tapered Rectangular to Circular Waveguide:Transitions Tapered Rectangular to Circular Waveguide

Each Transition consists of a short length of rectangular waveguide and a stepped or tapered section leading to a circular waveguide. Models are available fitted with combinations of port flanges, resistive and dielectric elements.

Polarisation Analysers/Translators: Series 64*:Waveguide Polarizer

Flann Microwave offers a range of Polarizers capable of producing Linear, Circular and Combination polarised output, as well as forming the basis of Polarisation Analysis systems.

Both manual and programmable models are available covering the range 4 to 110 GHz, enabling output polarisation to be continuously varied or selected in incremental steps.  Based on the well known and proven technology found in Flann's Rotary Vane Attenuators and Phase Changers, all units employ a combination of precision fixed and rotating waveguide sections, housing high stability resistive and dielectric elements to bring about the desired polarisation change.  Control hardware is available both in 'stand-alone' and 'on-a-board' form, for GPIB or RS232 control.

The more sophisticated models allow a Vertical Linear polarised input to be converted to Orientated Linear Polarisation, Circular Polarisation (LH or RH), or any stage in-between (Elliptical Polarisation).  Other units are available which provide various subsets of these options.

Applications can be split into two main areas; Polarization Translation and Polarisation Analysis. Polarisation Translators allow any chosen polarisation to be generated and, in the case of programmable systems, for this to be varied in a fully automated control system. Polarization Analysers have uses in, for example, Radar Profiling Systems and in investigating the effects of environmental factors (obstructions, meteorological phenomena etc.) on the polarization of received signals in microwave communications links, particularly at millimetric wavelengths.

The specification, design and manufacture of such specialised custom and semi-custom systems, is typical of Flann's capability in passive waveguide and microwave antenna technology.

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